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“Film your murders like love scenes, and film your love scenes like murders.”

—Alfred Hitchcock

“There is no right and wrong, there is only interesting, and less interesting.”

—Sam Mendes, Vanity Fair

“The first duty of an artist is not to fear unpopularity.”

—Pier Paolo Pasolini

“Cinema is not a reflection of reality, it’s the reality of that reflection.”

—Jean-Luc Godard

Best of 2012

Pulling out my old lists from previous years to archive them. This is 2012. Original post as follows:

This was a year of high expectations and polarizing results. Every big movie that people drooled over there seemed to be an equal amount of resentment for each. I, unfortunately, seemed to be on the negative side of most cases. I found this to be a massively disappointing year where many of the biggest blockbusters felt overstuffed and retreads of previous hits, and even the arthouse scene let me down after the mediocre offerings of TIFF this year, the rest of the big thought-pieces felt empty.

Not to say the year was a complete write-off, the following ten movies are great and I feel many of them massively underrated. Though half of these are still weaker works in strong careers and wouldn’t have made my top 10 in many previous years.

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Best of 2013

Movies live! 2012 was a letdown year for me, luckily a lot of great films were saved for 2013. This year was packed with awesome blockbusters, cool indies, and a variety of envelope-pushers. The following are a loose list of what really made an impression on me, generated some great discussion, and were altogether memorable, satisfying films from 2013. Half of my TIFF films this year are releasing in 2014 and already make up half of my Top 10 list for that year—things are looking good.


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SHORT WEEK #3: G(O)OD+(D)EVIL (2012)

Okay, so I might be pushing the boundaries of what can decently be called a ‘short film’ by including a masturbatory fashion film, but fuck it—let me explain.

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Amazing Posters #2 Faces

Amazing Posters #1

SHORT WEEK #2: The Death and Return of Superman (2012)

A lesson in self-indulgence. If you have any exposure to Max Landis, you’ll instantly gravitate to the poles of love or hate. Here is a guy whose social dysfunction has him constantly restate he’s a guy no one likes because of his self-aware obnoxious personality and the only reason he’s in front of a camera is because he’s John Landis’ son. That said, when Max is on point, he’s a riot.

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